My struggles with Emetophobia

“If you suffer with Emetophobia, you are not only repulsed by the idea of vomiting, you fear it. And you probably have at least one of these fears, too:

Emetophobia is my agoraphobia’s co-conspirator. I’ve struggled with this since the very beginning of my agoraphobia but I didn’t understand how bad it really was. Nausea is a big side effect when it comes to my anxiety (and many others) which made me kind of disregard the fact that this really could be a much bigger problem. I always knew my anxiety played out the same every time; I’d get anxious, feel sick from the anxiety, then I would have this huge worry that if I left my safe zone that I was in, I would vomit. For most people the thought of throwing up is unpleasant, but not scary. Because really, nothing scary happens, you do it, clean it up or flush the toilet and you’re good to go again, right? That’s not the process my head goes through, even though I know all of this. My emetophobia is the cause of at least 80% of my worries when it comes to my agoraphobia. When I’m out of my safe zone (my home), bathrooms become my safe zone. I always need to know if there is one and if so, where. I’ve been struggling with both of these things for years now and I can only recall TWO times when I’ve had all of those thoughts where I’ve actually thrown up. Nevertheless, every time I feel sick, I still get all of those thoughts, which really shows how powerful your brain is.

However, since realizing what I’m really dealing with; that the fear really is an issue in itself and it’s not just my agoraphobia, it’s gotten much easier to fight back against. Every time I feel stomach sick, I take some deep breaths which really help. **Never underestimate the power of deep breathing** Then, I can remind myself that I rarely ever vomit and that if I do, I’m not going to die, it happens to so many people. It’s still something that I deal with almost every day but it’s slowly becoming easier.

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