Medication Withdrawal- Paxil Withdrawal Syndrome

    Fluoxentine (Prozac), Escitalopram (Cipralex), Sertaline (Zoloft) and, Paroxetine (Paxil) are all SSRI anti-depressants I’ve been on in the past. For the first three, I had relatively minor withdrawals… and then there was Paroxetine (Paxil)
which I’ve seen nicknamed multiple times as “Paxhell” and I can definitely understand why. I’ve been through a lot of different things because of my anxiety or during my anxiety but I think I could definitely classify this as one of the very worst. The
withdrawals slowly got worse and worse, starting off with normal withdrawal symptoms until it turned into, horrible shaking, not being able to eat… which ended up with me having hiccups until I was in physical pain from it. I’d get horrible headaches
if any of the lights were on in my room, and of course the famous “brain zaps” which for those of you who haven’t experienced this, feels like your brain all of a sudden gets a huge electric shock. I was constantly so nauseous I’d keep a trashcan on
my bed with me. Additionally, it raised my anxiety so much, I not only became housebound, I also could barely leave my bedroom which is in the basement of my house.. with the only bathroom being upstairs. Since every time I’d try to leave my room I would
go into panic mode or have a panic attack I would hold my bladder until I absolutely couldn’t anymore, which led to me peeing once a day pretty much everyday for about 3 weeks, anybody could tell you that is extremely unhealthy and unsafe. So, for about
3 weeks I sat in my room with the only light being my tv, next to a trashcan, panicking because I felt so nauseous. The only things that brought me comfort were Christmas movies (I watched Home Alone 1 & 2 WAY too many times) and painting (I can’t
draw for shit). All of this led to me being housebound for 151 days.. I pretty much completely missed the season of winter, my family Christmas gathering had to be moved to my house so I could participate and I missed out on New Years entirely.


    ALLLL of that being said, all medications work differently and I’m not saying Paxil will have the same results for you but this is a reminder to definitely ask your doctor about your medications before you get on them! Googling medications
is kind of a risky thing to do so I try to stay away, there will always be “this was the worst drug I’ve ever used.” or “amazing! saved my life!” because drugs really work different for everybody, but for Paxil once I googled it when I was experiencing
the withdrawals I saw a lot of negative side effects, and lawsuits… multiple lawsuits. The company claimed the pill was a lot of things it very much wasn’t. From saying the medication was classified as a drug that didn’t cause birth defects (which
it did) to promoting the drug as non-habit forming. “The first wave of lawsuits related to Paxil were based on allegations that GSK promoted the drug as being non-habit forming, when in fact the company reportedly knew about severe withdrawal symptoms
as early as 1993…” ( So, fuck you Paxil.

Published by: agoraphobiclife19

My name is Holly, I’m nineteen years old and 4 years ago I began having all of the signs of agoraphobia. Nobody really understands why or how it began, including myself... I had a cold and missed a couple of days of school and when I went to go back my life felt fully changed. Well not only felt, but it was. I was soon after diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and social anxiety which had given me a pretty mild case of agoraphobia. At the time I would not have considered it mild, but after multiple years I’ve realized my agoraphobia at that time was one of the easier times... the only reason it was harder was because I had absolutely no coping mechanisms, no distractions, I didn’t know how to help myself. I leaned on my friends so much, they ended up with at least half of my stress, but now 3 years later, I have learned so many coping mechanisms, I’ve learned so much about how the brain works and communicates when it comes to mental disorders... I’ve gotten much better dealing with my illness without having to lean on anybody but myself. This is such a incredibly small part of my story and the journey I’ve been on so if you’re wanting information or help or even just to see if my story resembles yours or somebody’s you love, check back for my blog posts or check out my Instagram that I’ll have linked below! I’m always happy to answer questions, or give advice or even just some info so if you want somebody to talk to, feel free to go to the contact section and send me an email! I hope I can help in anyway, Holly

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